1. Browse to the matter for which you want to create a checklist and select  from the toolbar. Alternatively,  select iManage Tracker from the kebab menu for the matter while in the matters list.
  2. Select Import tasks Import from Tracker JSON file > Continue.
  3. Browse to the Tracker JSON file you want to import, select the file, and then select Open.
    The file name and preview is displayed. 
  4. (Optional) To import another Tracker JSON file, select Use another file
  5. Depending on the type of information you want to import, select one of the following:


    • If you have only Read/Write access, a message is displayed informing that you can import only tasks and only users who have full access can import table settings and custom columns.
    • One of the following options may be unavailable for selection based on the information in the checklist that you want to import from. For example, the Columns only option is unavailable when no custom columns are present, and a tooltip is displayed when you hover over it. Similarly, the Columns only option is selected by default and the Tasks only and Column and tasks options are unavailable for a checklist that has no tasks but has at least one custom column.
    • Tasks only
    • Columns only
    • Columns and tasks
      When available, select the Include data check box to import data for the rows in a particular column—for example, the Files and Notes for the tasks.
  6. Select Import.
    iManage Tracker starts the import process. When done, the data from the JSON file is added to the newly created checklist.