By default, a luggage tag that includes the ID of the filing folder is added to the email subject when using the Send and File feature. To ensure that filing details for highly confidential emails remain hidden, you can turn off luggage tags for these emails by adding the Include Luggage Tag option in the com.imanage.configuration.plist file and setting it to false. The emails get filed as usual and the Filed to iManage label is displayed in Microsoft Outlook, but the luggage tag isn't added.


When you Reply, Reply All, or Forward emails that are filed to iManage Work but don’t have a luggage tab, selecting the Microsoft Outlook Send button doesn’t file these emails to iManage Work.

Use the Send and File option in the iManage Work panel to file these emails.

If the option isn't added or is set to true (default value), a luggage tag is added when using the Send and File option.


<key>Include Luggage Tag</key>