Every time the iManage Agent is restarted, it checks for any new updates and notifies you if they are available.


If the value of the updateCheckInterval key in the com.imanage.configuration.plist file is set to 0 or the Disable AutoUpdates key is set to true, Auto Updates notifications are disabled. For more information, refer to Customizing application settings.

Select Install Update to download and install the update. To manually check for updates:

  1. Select the iManage Agent  menulet in the menu bar, then select Check for Updates.
    If a newer version of iManage Work Desktop for Mac is available, a dialog box displays the version number and features of this latest release. If your already have the latest version installed on your Mac, a dialog box mentions that you have the newest version available.
  2. Select Install Update. The software updates are downloaded to your Mac.
    Alternatively, select:
    • Skip This Version: To receive application update notification only after the next version is available. 
    • Remind Me Later: To receive application update notification when the iManage Agent is restarted the next time.
  3. Select Install and Relaunch. If prompted, enter your Mac password. 
    The updates are installed on your Mac.
  4. Select the iManage Agent  menulet and then select About.
    You will see that the version number of the update you installed is mentioned.