You can customize Microsoft Office applications using the following files:

  • imWorkOptions.xml: This configuration file enables you to customize Microsoft Office applications' user experience. For example
    • The iManage footer format and visibility (Microsoft Word only)
    • Mapping of the Microsoft Office's File->Save command to a predefined iManage Work command ID
    • The document caption format
    • Backstage view display
  • imWordRibbon.15.xmlimExcelRibbon.15.xmlimPowerPointRibbon.15.xmlimProjectRibbon.15.xml, and imVisioRibbon.15.xml: These configuration files enable you to customize the iManage tab on the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, and Visio ribbon bars. 

Ensure that you restart the Microsoft Office applications after modifying these files.

Here are a few customization use cases: