From version 10.6.0 onwards. cloud logging for select errors is enabled in iManage Work Desktop for Windows. The following tracing information is sent to Azure ApplicationInsights Services hosted by iManage. This information is used to identify the problem areas or source of the problem. 

  • Health checking errors
  • iManage Work web checkpoint traces (info level and above)
  • iManage Work web health checking notifications
  • Microsoft WebView2 browser console errors
  • Microsoft WebView2 browser process and navigation errors
  • User actions on error banner


No user information is shared with Azure ApplicationInsights Services hosted by iManage. 

The errors shared are only for production environments. You can use the iwTestServerDomains configuration available in imWorkOptions.xml file to identify non-production servers that have data analytics feature enabled. If it is a non-production server, then iManage Work Desktop for Windows does not send the error logs to Azure ApplicationInsights Services. For more information about this configuration, see imWorkOptions.xml section. 

This feature is enabled by default. You can disable the feature by using the LogConfig.xml file. Even with this feature disabled, the LogConfig.xml continues to capture all the logs in the users' machine, but does not send the information to Azure ApplicationInsights Services. To disable this feature, do the following: 

  1. Navigate to the iManage Work root install path and locate the LogConfig.xml file.
  2. Open the LogConfig.xml file in edit mode and locate and comment the following lines of code.  

      <appender name="LogCloudAppender" type="Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Log4NetAppender.ApplicationInsightsAppender, Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Log4NetAppender">
    <layout type="log4net.Layout.PatternLayout">
    <conversionPattern value="%message%newline" />
    <InstrumentationKey value=""/>
    <!--dev_key <InstrumentationKey value="" />-->
    <logger name="CloudWorklog">
    <level value="INFO" />
    <appender-ref ref="LogCloudAppender" />
  3. Copy the modified LogConfig.xml file to the following location "%localappdata%\iManage\Work\Configs" to avoid losing your changes when iManage Work Desktop for Windows is updated or re-installed. The changes are applied to your machine. 
  4. To apply the changes to all users in your organization, upload the modified file to iManage Control Center. The updated file is downloaded to "%appdata%\iManage\Work\Configs" once your user connects to the iManage Work server. 


  • iManage Work Desktop for Windows searches the LogConfig.xml file in the following locations, and uses the file based on the following precedence. For example, if the file exists in both %localappdata% and %appdata%, copy from %localappdata% is used.

    • %localappdata%\iManage\Work\Configs
    • %appdata%\iManage\Work\Configs
    • Root install folder
  • When you modify the LogConfig.xml file while an instance of iManage Work Desktop for Windows is running, the application does not apply the changes. You have to restart the application for the changes to take effect.
  • If iManage Work Desktop for Windows is reading the LogConfig.xml file available in %localappdata%\iManage\Work\Configs and you want iManage Work Desktop for Windows to read the file available at %appdata%\iManage\Work\Configs, delete the copy of the LogConfig.xml file available in %localappdata%\iManage\Work\Configs