To make the modified configurations available for automatic downloaded to all iManage Work clients that connect to the iManage Work Server, upload the files using iManage Control Center.

  1. Log on to iManage Control Center.
  2. Under Client Setup in the left pane, select the Office tab. Select either of the following category names:
    • Configuration: To upload the customized configuration files.
    • Email Templates: To upload the customized email templates.
  3. Select the  icon. The Add File dialog box is displayed.
  4. Select Browse, select the required files, and then select Save. A success message is displayed, and the uploaded files are listed.
  5. To make changes to the file list, select the check boxes for the files and select the Replace FileDownload, and Delete icons as required.


    The Replace File action is available only if one file is selected.

    (Optional) Select the File Name check box to select all files.