• iManage Work Desktop for Windows is certified to work with iManage Work Server 10.4.4 or later 

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or later

  • Incompatible with Workflow Manager

  • The port range 17871 to 17890 must be open.
    Microsoft Windows firewall may block the iManage Work Agent system tray application unless you have a policy set up to allow access. This will interfere with some actions available in iManage Work Web Server (the web application).

  • Client-side Work Communication Services (WCS), client-side Send and File, Mapped folders, and Inbox filer functionalities require Microsoft Exchange Server to work.

  • Configuring Gmail with Microsoft Outlook isn't a supported configuration when working with emails in iManage. Gmail users must use the iManage Gmail Chrome Extension, which is designed specifically for email management with Gmail instead of Outlook for all iManage Work Email Management capabilities.

  • Compatible only with SMIME email formats as described in the following note.


  • Currently, SMIME emails can be filed to iManage Work Server from iManage Work Desktop for Windows by using Client-side filing.

  • SMIME emails can be filed by:

    • using Quick File option.

    • using the Send and File option. 

    • dragging the email into a folder in iManage Work Panel.

    • using Mapped folders.

  • The SMIME lock icon for the inbox messages does not change when users file the emails.

  • The encryption of the filed email is retained in Microsoft Outlook and hence:

    • Users who try to open the email without the key are unable to open it.

    • Contents of the filed email aren't indexed in the DMS. This means users can't use full-text search to find the filed SMIME email.

    • The preview service won't be able to decrypt this email and users cannot preview it.

  • Microsoft Edge WebView2 browser control is not compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 with Azure conditional access policy enabled. Azure Conditional Access policies on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 are currently supported only with Internet Explorer (IE) that Microsoft no longer supports. Hence, if the Conditional Access Policies are enabled or enforced, iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.5.0 and later won't work on a multi-user environment like Citrix with the desktop operating system running on Microsoft Windows Server 2016.

    iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.5.0 and later works with the following Device Compliant and Hybrid Azure Join policies. For more information, refer to the following Microsoft article, Conditions in Conditional Access policy - Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs.

    • require multi-factor authentication

    • require device to be marked as compliant

    • require Hybrid Azure AD joined device

  • iManage Work Desktop for Windows does not support auto-mapping. If users file an email from a shared mailbox that is added through auto-mapping, filing fails. We recommend that users disable auto-mapping, where applicable. For information about how to disable auto-mapping, visit https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/troubleshoot/profiles-and-accounts/remove-automapping-for-shared-mailbox

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or later is the minimum version of server required to deploy iManage Work Desktop for Windows in VDI environments.