Manage Updater supports the ability to roll back software products and versions, when necessary. Rollback allows a firm to undo an update. For example, if a firm upgraded some users from version 144 to 149 and then decided—for some reason—that the upgrade was no longer wanted, the firm can roll back users to version 144. When a rollback occurs, users are presented with the same notice that an update is available. When the update is installed, the user’s software is downgraded to the specified version, instead of upgrading to the latest version.

You can specify whether to rollback or not rollback an update by using the rollback/norollback parameter in the update.ini file available at: %ProgramData%\iManage\AgentServices\CentralizedConfigs as shown below. For more information to update.ini configuration file, refer to What is an update.ini file.

x<product ID>=<update server path>;<installer file name>;<version number>;<upgrade code>;<product code>;rollback|norollback;<installer parameters (optional)>;<Microsoft Office bitness (x64, x86, or blank)>;<MD5 checksum of installer file>;<unattended>


iManage Work Desktop for Windows x64=;iManage Work Desktop for Windows x64.exe;102.0.150;{B106FE6E-5160-401E-BCC7-8840DCD25E56};{98D55B81-8867-4E13-99C7-99157609C0F7};rollback;wixexe;/passive AUTO_UPDATE=1;x86;c9fb5aac998023f6e982d2b7d4d717f9;unattended

When norollback is specified, iManage Updater allows users to install any version of the software that is equal to or greater than the software version specified for their corresponding channel.

When rollback is specified, if iManage Updater finds that users have installed any version other than the one specified for that channel, it prompts users to install an update, which upgrades or downgrades the software as needed.


Depending on the downgrade being performed, a rollback may require a full uninstall and reinstall of the software package. In such cases, the update can't be automatically installed without user intervention, and users will need to close all of their Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat applications to complete the rollback.