If you need to turn off Auto Updates, perform the following:

Stopping the updates check using command line parameter

Auto Updates are enabled by default and you can disable the iManage Auto Update functionality by using the following command when installing iManage Agent Services:iManageAgentServices.exe /silent AUTO_UPDATE=0. The command line parameters are case-sensitive. 


Running the above command doesn't hide the Auto Updates menu in iManage Work Agent. To hide the Auto Updates menu options, ensure that the HideAgentAutoUpdateMenu option in the imWorkOptions.xml must be set to Y.

Stopping the updates check by Update Manager

iManage Update Manager periodically runs iManage Updater to check for software updates. This check is performed based on the setting for the autoUpdateEnabled property, which is available in the UpdateManagerConfiguration.xml file. By default, the autoUpdateEnabled property is set to true. You can disable this behavior as follows:

  1. Open the UpdateManagerConfiguration.xml file, located at: %ProgramData%\iManage\AgentServices\configs.

  2. Set the autoUpdateEnabled property to false.

    <!-- checkForUpdateIntervalSeconds sets the number of seconds between checks for updates. -->
    <!-- autoUpdateEnabled is true if auto-update is to be enabled. -->
  3. In the imWorkOptions.xml file, set the HideAgentAutoUpdateMenu option in the configuration setting to Y. If this isn't set, check for updates fails.

    <ws_option name="workagent" applyToAll="true">
    <key name="HideAgentAutoUpdateMenu" value="Y"/>