Build: 10.7.1 (May 2022)

Access user help from iManage Drive

You can now access iManage Drive user help available at from iManage Drive. Select  and then select Help to access the latest help files available at

Enable Preview option added to iManage Drive

You can now preview documents in Windows Explorer by using the Enable Preview option. To preview documents, select Preview pane in View tab, right-click any document in your iManage Drive directory, and then select Enable Preview.

Deny access to iManage Drive

Your administrator can now determine which applications can access and open the files in iManage Drive. This feature enables administrators to deny certain applications from accessing your content in iManage Drive. Administrators can also take a more conservative approach, if required and only grant select applications the rights to access your iManage Drive content. For more information about this feature, consult your administrator.

iManage Drive available in Windows Explorer sidebar

You can now access iManage Drive in your Microsoft Windows Explorer sidebar as shown in the following image. By default, this option is disabled and you can continue to access iManage Work content in M:/. However, if you want to see and access iManage Drive from Windows sidebar, contact your administrator.

Other changes

This version of iManage Drive provides you with better user experience with:

  • improved start-up times.
  • improved message prompts when unlinking, syncing, or renaming workspaces.

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