What’s New in iManage Work – September 2021

September 2021

Create a new document version, with ease!

Need to create a new version of a document that exists in iManage Work? Right click on the most recent or a specific version of a document and select Copy as new version.

Just a click: share links to your documents and other items

Want to share a link to a fellow worker within your organization to access a document/workspace/folder? A simplified Copy Link workflow at your service, allowing you to copy link to an item from the context menu or toolbar, in a single click.

Improved workflow alertShared document link always points to the latest document version

Have you shared a document link to a fellow worker and then created/uploaded a new version of the document? iManage Work helps you handle such instances with an improved workflow where the recipient of the link is always taken to the latest version of the document.

New, dedicated submenus for document operations

Maintain focus and reduce effort when performing Open or Copy actions for document(s) or document version (s) with submenus.

Know the user before performing a simple or advanced search

Performing a simple search with a user as a search criteria just got awesome! iManage Work displays the  icon for disabled users and the  icon for external users, thereby giving you the current status of the user to be used in search.

Previewing the latest version of the document? Just refresh, to know the rest!

Refresh option in document preview to get the latest updates to the document since the last refresh time, which is indicated with a Last updated timestamp. The following updates to the document are shown upon refresh:

  • Any edits to the document content by you or other users
  • Any edits to document metadata
  • Any new versions of the document that are uploaded by you or other users and a link to help you navigate to the most recent version.

Simply search folders

Searching for folders? Select simple search box > enter the folder name > select
Select the folders node on the side navigation, your search defaults to folders.

Quickly access recent folders using the Folders node on the side navigation

Folders node with two sub-tabs; Document Folders and Email Folders, offers you quick access.

Drag and move the progress panel anywhere

Need more prime viewing area? Drag and move the progress panel anywhere in iManage Work. The progress panel position set by you is remembered until you move it again!

Previous release: iManage Work 10.3.3