What’s New in iManage Work

February 2021

Understand a folder’s security status at a glance

No more navigating to the folder properties to understand the folder security. A new key overlay  icon is now displayed on folders which do not inherit security from its parent.

Add a document to My Favorites, directly from its preview

Previewing a document and need to add it to My Favorites? Simply select the new Add to My Favorites option on the preview toolbar.

Expand or collapse the side navigation, more power to you!

Need more real estate on your screen to see more information? The backward slash ( ) keyboard shortcut or the hamburger menu option on the upper left corner is all that you require to expand or collapse the side navigation and make more space.

Metadata export made easy for sharing 

Export feature enables you to export the metadata of items (basically the column values that you have configured in the Grid view settings) in the grid view as a .csv report. 

Perform more with MS Office documents using Open Read-only option

Accessible from the right-click context menu/kebab menu or from the document preview mode, the new Open Read-only option enables you to perform operations such as Print, Save as new document and so on, without actually checking out the document.

Previous release: iManage Work 10.3.2