You can download one or more files from iManage Work to your Mac. The files are downloaded to the Downloads folder on the Mac by default. You can also navigate to the desired location using the dialog box that appears or create a new folder for saving the downloaded files. The location you select is retained and appears by default when you try to download files the next time.


The bulk download feature is available only if users sign in to iManage Work web client onwards.

Downloading a single file

In the files list, select the kebab menu  for a document or right-click the selected file and then select DownloadYou can also use the  icon from the toolbar displayed above the file list or the  icon in the file preview. 

The same options are available when accessing files from the iManage Work view in the panel in Microsoft Outlook. Select Open Work panel in the iManage Work panel to access the view.

Downloading multiple files

In the files list, select multiple files in iManage Work and then select the  icon from the toolbar displayed above the file list to download the files in a single instance. Alternatively, right-click the selected list and then select Download.