Pinning and unpinning the panel

The iManage Work panel closes whenever you select an email other than the email that you selected to open the panel. To ensure that the panel remains open for the current session, that is, until you restart Microsoft Outlook, select Pin Tab  in the upper-right corner of the panel. The icon changes to Unpin Tab  and you can select it to unpin the panel. Pinning of the panel is valid only for the current Outlook session and you need to pin the panel again after Outlook restarts.


The iManage Work panel appears/is visible only when one email is selected. Due to Outlook limitations, multi-select is not supported. When more than one email is selected, the panel closes even when it is pinned and appears again when only one email is selected. 

Resizing the panel

Hover the pointer along the vertical left edge of the panel; it changes to . Hold down the pointer and drag the edge to the left to increase its width, or drag the edge to the right to reduce the panel width.


Be careful not to drag the panel edge too much to the right else the panel closes. If the panel was pinned, select an email to make it reappear else select an email and then select See more items  > iManage Work on the Outlook toolbar. If you have added the iManage Work option to the Outlook toolbar, you can select it directly. 

Closing and reopening the panel

To close the panel, select Close Tab  in the upper-right corner of the panel. If the panel is not pinned, you can use this option or simply select another email to close it.

To reopen the panel, select iManage Work on the Outlook toolbar if you have added the option to the toolbar else, select See more items  > iManage Work on the Outlook toolbar.