Searching in the iManage app

You can search for an iManage document in the iManage app within Microsoft Teams.

  1. Browse to the iManage app in the App bar.

  2. Select the conversation box. A What can I do? option appears.

  3. Select images/download/thumbnails/117478747/Screenshot_2021-04-23_at_8.57.17_PM.png to expand and view the available options.

  4. Enter the required search syntax, followed by the corresponding metadata to find the document. From the search results, select a document to either Preview or Edit.

Figure: Document search in the iManage app



The search results displayed in the iManage app are visible only to the user performing the search and is not shared with any other users.

The following table explains the usage of search syntax:

Table: Search syntax and their operation





Search for a document

  1. Type find #<document number> and select Enter for document number search.

  2. Type find title <document title> and select Enter for document title search.

  3. Type find keyword <search term> and select Enter for document keyword search.

  4. Type find @<author name> and select Enter for document author search.


View list of supported commands

Type help and select Enter to view a list of all supported commands.


Sign in to iManage Work

Type signin and select Enter to Sign in to iManage.


Sign out of iManage Work

Type signout and select Enter to Sign out of iManage.

For information on configuring search type, setting the preferred database and more, see Additional search information.