A blue folder  is an iManage Share folder. 

From the menu, you can view the folder properties or go to the folder in Share.

If you go to the folder you can see the contents of the folder and perform the following folder tasks:

  • Select  Upload to upload content to the folder.
  • Select   New to create a new folder in the Share folder. 
  • Select  Share to share the folder with other users.

Select the More Actions menu  to perform the following tasks:

  • Download the folder and its contents as a .zip file.
  • Subscribe to make the folder appear in your My Matters or Unsubscribe so the folder no longer appear in your matters.
  • Unshare to stop accessing this folder and any users added at this folder level or below. It will remain accessible to the owner and any users with rights added to any parent folders. 
  • Share link produces an HTML link that you can copy and paste into any application that supports HTML links. 
  • Send Upload request lets you upload an email.
  • View activity on the folder, such as uploads, downloads, shares, permissions changes, and so on.