You can add a document from the preview mode by selecting the Add to My Favorites option available in the toolbar.

Figure: Adding a document to My Favorites in the preview mode

  1. Select the document link that you received through email.
    The document open in the preview mode.
  2. Select Tools > Add to My Favorites. The Add to My Favorites dialog box appears wherein you can perform any one of the following steps to add the document to My Favorites:
    • Select Add to add the document directly to My Favorites.
    • Select the Select a Category checkbox, choose one of the available categories > Add.
    • Select the Select a Category checkbox, create a new category by selecting New Category  > Add.
  3. After adding a document to My Favorites, a progress dialog box appears. 

    Figure: Progress dialog 

    Select Go to Location to quickly navigate to My Favorites and view the document.