• This feature is available only in select iManage Work environments.
  • Duplicate shortcuts to the same target are not allowed in the same container.
  • When creating a folder shortcut using drag-and-drop, dropping the selected folder on a search folder or folder shortcut on the tree is not supported.
  • Template-based (Flexible Folders) restrictions apply when creating or moving folder shortcuts.

Document folder shortcuts can be created from the right-click context menu or kebab menu and also using drag-and-drop action under the following locations:

  • Workspace
  • Tab
  • Folder
  • Sub-folder

To create document folder shortcuts using the the right-click context menu or kebab menu:

  1. Select the document folder for which you wish to create a shortcut in another location. 
  2. Right-click and select Create shortcut
    From the kebab menu , select Create shortcut.
    The Create shortcut dialog box appears.

    Figure: Create shortcut in right-click context/kebab menu

    If you select multiple document folders, the option is available on the toolbar.

    Figure: Create shortcut on the toolbar

  3. Navigate to the desired location.
  4. Select Add Shortcut. A progress dialog box appears.

    Figure: Progress dialog 

    Select Go to location in the progress dialog box to navigate to the newly created document folder shortcut in the workspace/tab. 

To create document folder shortcuts using drag-and-drop:

  1. Select the document folder(s) for which you wish to add a shortcut.

  2. Hover over the tree nodes to expand the containers within.

  3. When you locate the target container where you wish to add a shortcut to the document folder(s) press the Shift key and then drop.

    Figure: Creating folder shortcuts using drag-and-drop

  4. A progress dialog box appears.

Selecting Go to location directs you to the container containing the newly created folder shortcut and the newly created shortcut is highlighted.