For iManage Share Integration to work with iManage Work, you must allow third-party cookies to be set in the browser settings or add an exception for to the Allow List for setting the cookies.

The table below explains how users can configure third-party cookies for iManage Share integration:




Google Chrome

Block thirty-party cookies

Look for "Allow or block cookies for a specific site" and add [*.] for iManage Share US or iManage Share stack specific URL to the Allow list.

MS Edge

Block only third party cookies

MS Internet Explorer

Third-party Cookies → Block

Mozilla Firefox

Cookies → All third-party cookies

Open the URL below in Firefox to see how to add a trusted site to the Allow List:

Apple Safari

Prevent cross-site tracking

Prevent cross-site tracking check box must be cleared.


After changing the browser settings, you must refresh the page for the changes to take effect.