When you create or import a new document in iManage Work, you can import the document on behalf of another user by changing the author. If you have more than one document to create and import for a person, select the Always use this author box in the Advanced Upload dialog box. All new documents are marked for that author until you change to a new author. 

This applies to either newly created documents or documents imported into Microsoft Outlook or Office using Save As, or using the Advanced Upload option in the web browser.

If a folder has an author specified in its properties, this author is selected by default in the Save As or Advanced Upload dialog box. If Always use this Author was selected on your previous upload, you can select the last used author by checking the box. Documents that are dragged into iManage Work or imported using the simple Upload command still default to the logged-in user as author.

Creating a new version of an existing document does not change the author. It still defaults to the author of the previous version, but the option exists to change the author with just one click.