• The Microsoft Edge Legacy browser is based on the EdgeHTML browser engine and can be identified by the logo. The version number for this browser is less than or equal to 44.19041. For more information, refer to
  • The new Microsoft Edge browser is based on Chromium. It can be identified by the logo, and the version number for this browser is greater than or equal to 79.0.309.

When users are using iManage Work in the Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 or Microsoft Edge Legacy browser, the following limitations are applicable:

  1. When working on large data sets in the list or grid view, the performance is not optimal.
  2. Uploading folders is not supported.
  3. When integrated with iManage Work Desktop for Windows, status updates of the below mentioned actions are not displayed:

    • Progress indicator does not appear on the rows when any Microsoft Office action is performed on a document, for example—Edit, Checkout, Check-in and so on.  
    • Checkout icon is not updated automatically when a document is checked out, checked-in or opened for editing in a Microsoft Office application from the web application.
  4. When users drag an item and hover over the tree, the item icon flickers sometimes and a icon appears indicating that the drop is not allowed.
  5. When users drag and move an item in IE or Edge Legacy, an  icon appears above the item icon.
  6. When moving an item to the tree using drag-and-drop, the target tree node does not expand. Hence it is recommended to expand the target tree node first and then drop the item to the desired folder for better performance.


To make all Microsoft Office-related actions available in iManage Work 10 when using Microsoft Edge Legacy browser, your environment must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Run a minimum Microsoft Edge Legacy web browser version of 40.15063 and a minimum EdgeHTML version of 15.15063.
  • Enable the Allow localhost loopback option on the Microsoft Edge Legacy about:flags page.
    NOTE: Microsoft Edge Legacy enables the Allow localhost loopback option by default.
  • When possible, configure your iManage Work website in the Internet security zone of the Microsoft Edge Legacy security settings.

If your environment requires running the iManage Work web application in the Local intranet security zone, please contact your administrator or refer to the Microsoft Edge configuration requirements tech note on the help center.

Recommended browsers for optimal performance

For the best user experience in iManage Work, iManage recommends using one of the following fully supported browsers: