1. Highlight a document. From the kebab menu , select  Share and then select  Send Secure Link.
    The Send Secure Link dialog box appears. 
    By default, the document is trackable, which means that anyone who accesses the link much enter their email address, and that event is recorded in the activity for that document.
  2. Clear the Trackable check box if you do not need to track who accesses the document. 
  3. To restrict access to the link to selected users, select the the Restricted box and enter the email addresses of the recipients you want.
  4. Select GENERATE LINK.
    The link is generated and displayed.
  5. Select Copy
  6. Paste the link into any application that supports HTML links. 
  7. Any recipient who selects the link is required to enter their password to access the document. Only users you specified can successfully access it.