Feedback plays a key role in improving the experience of iManage Work. Therefore, starting with iManage Work 10.x, iManage began collecting feedback from users directly.

How is feedback collected?

Some users will see the following survey in iManage Work:

How many users will see it?

Only a small percentage (5-7%) of our entire user population (all customers combined) will see this survey.

How often will users see it?

After users see this survey, they have an option to dismiss it, and they won't be asked again for the next 30 days. If they answer it (1-click action), they will not be asked again for the next 120 days.

Can I get a summary of the feedback provided by my organization?

Yes, it can be provided upon request. Please send an email to

Can we opt out as an organization from providing feedback?

Each user individually has a choice to dismiss the survey or provide feedback.