What’s new in iManage Work Desktop for Windows – February 2021

 Build: 10.4.0.xx

Improvements to Email Management for Microsoft Outlook

Filing emails from Microsoft Outlook shared mailboxes

If you and your colleagues are using Microsoft Outlook shared mailboxes in your organization, you can now link your shared mailbox folders to an appropriate iManage Work folder and ensure all your emails are filed to iManage. When you link the shared mailbox folders, you will be filing emails on behalf of other shared mailbox users.

Easily distinguish between multiple NRL links

From now, you do not have to open each NRL link to find out which one you want to work on. You can now see NRL link related information such as, document version and document type at a glance without having to open it. This makes it easy to distinguish especially when there are multiple NRL links so you know you are always opening the correct link the very first time. For more information on how to configure the NRL links, contact your administrator.

Enhance email filing use cases with custom options

iManage Work Desktop for Windows now allows you to have custom buttons on the Email Management toolbar to assist with email filing. You can use these custom buttons to expand on the core email management business use cases, for example—prompting a user to enter comments when filing emails. Contact your administrator for more information about these custom buttons.