1. As a co-editor, you receive an email invite that contains an NRL link and a web link to the shared document.
  2. Select either of the following links to open the document:
    • Web link: Opens the document in the Office application online. In the online mode, you can choose to edit in the browser or in the native application.
    • NRL: Opens the document in its native application if you have an iManage Work desktop client installed.


      iManage Work Desktop for Windows or the co-authoring add-on must be installed to open a NRL link in a co-authoring session. If you just have a desktop client, then you will get prompted to open the document in read-only mode.

      From iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.3.0 onwards and iManage DeskSite 9.3.7 onwards, you can disable sending the NRL link using a new configuration setting SendNRL. For more information, see the Customizing the user experience in Microsoft Office applications section.

  3. Edit the document.

If other users are editing the document at the same, you will be notified of the same. If co-editors update a document simultaneously in online mode, they can instantly view one another's changes. To view the simultaneous edits in the native application, save the document to refresh the view.