Logging facilitates advanced troubleshooting. The iworkspy.exe, found in the Co-Authoring installation directory <iManage Work install directory>\Coauthoring helps you to debug and work with error logs.


This section is applicable only if you have installed the Co-Authoring add-on for DeskSite or FileSite.


The following registry keys must be created manually.

To control the amount of logging, choose to enable either verbose or debug. To turn on verbose logging you must also enable debug logging.


“DebugLog” = DWORD:1 (default:  0)

“VerboseLog” = DWORD:1 (default:  0)

The default log file path is %localappdata%\interwoven\worksite. The log path can be customized.


“DebugLogPath” = “C:\temp\iworkspy”

Capturing Logs

You can perform the following tasks using iWorkSpy:

  • Monitor a process: Select the process name from the Process name drop-down list and select + .
  • Remove a monitored process: Select the tab with the process name at the bottom. The process name appears in the Process name drop-down list. Select .
  • Start/stop debugging: Select Capture
    After you choose a process, the capture starts automatically.
  • Display the log in the window: Select View on Screen
    After you choose a process, the log messages appear automatically.
  • Format the logs in the window: Select Word Wrap
    Formatting has no impact on the log file output.
  • Clear the log messages in the window: Select Clear view.
  • Start/stop writing the output to a log file: Select the Log to file
    After you choose a process, the log file is generated automatically. Ensure that the DebugLog and VerboseLog registry keys are set to 1.