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What's iManage Extract?

iManage Extract is a cloud-based contract analysis platform that uses AI to automate the extraction of critical data points, creating structured data that enhances the quality of the services you provide.

User roles

iManage Extract has six pre-configured user roles with the capability to execute defined tasks. These roles are classified into global-level and project-level roles. Any user in iManage Extract can be assigned more than one role in a project. 

Global roles


Global Trainer

Users who are assigned these roles can perform tasks that impact all the projects. 

Project roles 





Users who are assigned these roles can perform tasks that are limited to the project that they are assigned to. 

Select the following link for an understanding on the mapping between these roles and the tasks that they can perform in iManage Extract:  User roles — task mapping

Getting started

These documents can help you understand the key concepts and features of the Extract platform.

Quick start videos

Get a firsthand look at iManage Extract from the practitioner’s perspective with these simple on-demand videos then try it out for yourself. iManage Extract Video Playlist .

Pre-trained models documentation

The library within iManage Extract contains a large number of pre-trained models for locating and analyzing clauses within your contracts. These pre-trained models have been designed and published by iManage's Knowledge Engineering team in collaboration with our legal service partners. 

The Pre-trained Model Documentation site gives guidance on what pre-trained models you can use for your particular review use-cases.

Use cases

iManage Extract combines Artificial Intelligence and search to improve visibility into legal risk within your contracts, allowing legal teams to do what they do best, and providing insight into business and contractual risk to make better business decisions. For more information open one of our use case datasheets:

  • Contract Due Diligence : Accelerates the triage of portfolios and high-risk documents while leveraging extracted data to generate insights, populate reports, and inform negotiations. 
  • Statutory Audits : Delivers valuable insights to clients, improve audit quality and coverage, and increase productivity, using AI to identify and extract information from contracts.  
  • Compliance Review : Increases productivity and respond faster to critical business decision-making by automating the extraction of key provisions in a compliance review. Improve the scope and quality of reviews, allowing the business to avoid risks and take opportunities.
  • Repapering : Empowers organizations with insight into business risks, enabling them to make well-informed decisions, enabling them to make more informed decisions with accurate and reliable information that expedites remediation effort.

Additional resources

Third-party Integrations

The iManage Extract API

Training & Education

iManage Extract on Help Center

To realize the benefits of an end-to-end solution, it is sometimes necessary to integrate with applications outside the iManage Platform.

For a high-level understanding of the possibilities, select this link.

The iManage Extract API allows developers to automate functions of the application itself and build entirely new integrations with other applications. 

For a high-level understanding of this capability, select this link.

iManage Extract is an exciting and flexible solution, and we want to ensure that your team knows how to best leverage it to get the most value for your organization. Our Healthy Start program will set you up for success.

For a high-level understanding of the program, select this link.

For iManage Extract release packages and complete documentation, select this link.

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