iManage Control Center Troubleshooting

  • Why am I not able to see Email property while adding Document Folder in a template?
    While creating a Document Folder in template, the Email property for the folder is displayed only if the Email Domain is configured for iManage Work server.

    For more information, refer to Configuring iManage Work Server Service Properties section in iManage Work Server Administration Guide.

  • Why was the folder prefix/suffix metadata not set on folders created using iManage Work Workspace Generator?

    • Check folder names to ensure that you have used metadata in folder name. You cannot use the Folder Prefix/Suffix field defined globally at the template level.

    • Check that you are using correct delimiter for metadata in the folder name. iManage supports "%" and "#" delimiters, but recommends "%".

  • Why were duplicate prefixes/suffixes applied on Flexible Folders?
    You have a folder name with metadata inline, and also the global Folder Prefix/Suffix defined in template. You need to use either one of those.