You can now determine which applications can access and open the files in iManage Drive. This feature enables you to allow or deny certain applications from accessing content in iManage Drive. You can also take a more conservative approach if required and only grant select applications the rights to access iManage Drive content by using the following configuration settings:

  • hydration_allow_list_enabled: You must set this configuration setting to true if they want only the applications defined in the  hydration_allow_list configuration setting to open files from the iManage Drive directory.
  • hydration_allow_list: Allows you to specify the list of applications that can open documents from iManage Drive working directory. If an application is not specified in this configuration setting, when the hydration_allow_list is enabled, then the application cannot open the documents from the iManage Drive directory. 

    - winword.exe
    - excel.exe
    - acrord32.exe
    - powerpnt.exe
  • hydration_deny_list: Specify the list of applications that you do not want to open or access documents from iManage Drive directory at any given point of time. 


    The following programs are denied access to files in iManage Drive, by default and iManage recommends that these settings should not be modified. 

    - iManageDrive

    If users attempt to open a document from iManage Drive using an application listed in hydration_deny_list, then an error message is displayed indicating that the application cannot open the document.

    For example, if Microsoft Word is added to the deny list as follows, hydration_deny_list: winword.exe, then when users open any document using Microsoft Word, they get the following error. 
    Figure: Error displayed when Microsoft Word is in deny list

  • system_hydration_deny_list:In some circumstances, the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine executable (msmpeng.exe) ‌doesn't allow you to open documents from iManage Drive although the executable is added to the deny list. To troubleshoot this issue, remove msmpenge.exe from the system_hydration_deny_list admin setting available in the admin_settings.yaml file as shown below. 


    - imanagedrive.exe
    - searchprotocolhost.exe
    - ccmexe.exe