The latest sample admin_settings.yaml file is available at To download the file, right-click the following link: admin_settings_sample.yaml and select Save link as or the equivalent option based on the browser you are using. Ensure that the:

  • file is named admin_settings 
  • extension is .yaml
  • file is placed at /Library/Application Support/iManage/Drive

Alternatively, when you select the above link , the contents open in a browser tab. In this case:

  • Copy the contents into a new file.
  • Save the file as admin_settings.
  • Ensure the file extension is .yaml.
  • Place the file at /Library/Application Support/iManage/Drive.


In the admin_settings.yaml file, ensure that a value you provide includes a single quote (') when using the following special characters: {, }, [, ], ,, &, :, *, #, ?, |. -, <. >, =, !, %, \., @. Single quotes lets you add any character in a string and doesn't parse escape codeā€”for example, when using strings like *.tmp, wrap the the string with single quotes as follows: '*.tmp'

To customize the configuration settings available in the sample admin_settings file, refer to Configuring user settings.


  • We don't recommend that you copy the sample admin_settings.yaml file from your Microsoft Windows device to your Mac. This is because some of the admin settings added for Microsoft Windows may not be compatible with macOS. The following Microsoft Windows configuration settings aren't compatible with macOS and should be turned off on a Mac.  
    • enable_windows_ssl_context_adapter
    • enable_windows_sidebar: true
    • native_drive_letter: S 
    • native_drive_letter: M
  • Additionally, if previously set, make sure that the drive_user_root_dir and  the IMANAGE_DRIVE_APP_DATA_DIR_ROOT configuration settings are set for macOS.
  • Make sure the admin_settings.yaml file is placed under the /Library folder and not ~/Library folder. ~/Library is the library folder in your user area (Home). Each user will have one in their home folder. Library is the main top level Library folder for all users on the Mac.