You can use the following command line tools to troubleshoot issues.

Backup outbox

Run the following command in the command prompt to troubleshoot document sync issues and want to backup the documents to outbox: /Applications/iManage/ backup_outbox [backupdirpath]

Generate diagnostic snapshot

Use the diagnostic_snapshot tool to generate a diagnostic snapshot. This is useful if your users aren't able to use the iManage Drive UI to generate the diagnostic snapshot. 

Example, /Applications/iManage/ diagnostic_snapshot

When you run the diagnostic_snapshot tool, a dialog box appears where you can type in the details. 

Outbox list

Use the outbox_list tool to list all the files in the outbox that haven't been synced. 

Example, /Applications/iManage/ outbox_list

When you run the outbox_list tool, the list of files not synced are printed to the console. 

Backup files

From version 10.9.0 onwards of iManage Drive for Mac, run the following command: iManageDriveConsole file_backup to backup files your users have recently worked on.

Example: /Applications/iManage/ file_backup

The backup file generated is a zipped file and is available at the following location: $HOME/Library/Application Support/iManage/GoDrive/diagnostics/file_backup. The location appears as soon as the backup file is generated. The backup folder may contain the following subfolders:

  • document_history: Contains previous versions of files that were in iManage Drive.
  • current_document_history: Current versions of all the files available in Document Change Log in iManage Drive, that is, versions retained for 30 days. 
  • sync_issue_files: Files that are in the document change log and have a sync issue.
  • sync_conflicts: Files that currently have a conflict.
  • outbox_files: Files in the outbox.
  • local_files: Any files not in the outbox.