You can specify the port for iManage Drive local REST API service. This port is used by applications to communicate with iManage Drive on the user’s device. You can specify the port using the local_rest_service_port admin setting in the admin_settings.yaml file. 

If the port is already in use, we recommend that you use a different port—for example, local_rest_service_port: 8025.

You can verify if a port is in use using one of the following methods: 

Method 1: 

Browse to Settings > Preferences. The iManage Drive Preferences window appears. The port in use is displayed in the end of the Preferences window as shown in the following figure: 

Figure:  Viewing the port in use

Method 2: 

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Enter the following command to check if the port is available: lsof -i tcp:3000.

When you set local_rest_service_port admin setting to 0, iManage Drive selects a dynamic port. From iManage Drive 10.10.0 onwards, iManage Drive for Mac automatically selects a dynamic port if the defined port is in use by another process.