From version 10.9.0 onwards, you can sync and open matters, documents, emails, or folders from iManage Work using our web extensions in Microsoft Windows Explorer by doing the following. 

  1. Connect to iManage Work. 


    If you are already connected to iManage Work and can't view the Sync & Open in File Explorer option, sign off from iManage Work and sign in again. 

  2. Select one of the following: 
    • Documents to sync documents
    • Emails to sync emails
    • Folders to sync folders
    • Recent Matters to sync your most recent matters
    • My Matters to sync your matters
    • My Favorites to sync your documents, matters, emails, or folders which you have saved as your favorites. 
  3. Select the matter, document, email, or folder you want to sync and do one of the following: 
    • On the iManage Work toolbar, select the Sync & Open in File Explorer  option. 

    • Select the kebab menu  next to the matter, document, email, or folder and then select Sync & Open in File Explorer
      The iManage Drive panel appears and prompts you to confirm the items that aren't synced. After confirming, the iManage Drive panel syncs the selected items. When the sync is completed, Windows Explorer opens with the synced items highlighted. 
      If the selected matter, folder, document, or email is already synced to iManage Drive, you're taken directly to Windows Explorer where the item is highlighted.

Syncing multiple matters

You can sync multiple matters by doing the following: 

  1. Connect to iManage Work. 
  2. Select My Matters and then select the matters you want to sync. 
  3. Select Sync & Open in File Explorer . The iManage Drive panel appears and the sync progress is displayed. After the sync is complete, Windows Explorer appears with the synced matters highlighted.

Syncing maximum number of matters 

If your administrator has configured the maximum_matters_limit configuration setting in the admin_setting.yaml file and if the number of workspaces you are syncing is more than the number specified in the maximum_matters_limit option or a number more than the default value, the following message is displayed: 

Figure: Message displayed when you have reached the max number of matters

Select Manage synced Matters to continue syncing or Cancel to cancel the syncing. When you select Manage synced Matters, the following message is displayed. 

Figure: Message indicating you've selected more matters than the maximum value

Select the matters that you no longer want to sync. If you already have matters that are synced, you have the option to select them as well. Selecting matters that are already synced unsyncs them from iManage Drive. 

Selecting folders to be synced when syncing matters

When syncing matters, you can select the folders you want to sync by selecting the I want to select folders to sync check box as shown in the following figure. This option is selected by default. 

Figure: Selecting folders to be synced

Select Continue to select the folders to be synced. The Select folders to sync window appears as shown in the following figure. Select the folders and then select Sync to sync the selected folders. 

Figure: Selecting folders to be synced

Deselect the I want to select folders to sync check box if you want to sync all the folders in the selected matters. 


  • You can't sync content directly from iManage Work, if you are using Safari. You can sync content using the following browsers. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Your administrator must enable the web extensions in iManage Control Center. For more information contact your administrator or refer to the Enable web extension for iManage Drive section in iManage Drive Administrator Help
  • If your administrator has set the enable_folder_selection_sync option to false in the admin_settings.yaml file, when you sync documents, emails, or folder, the entire matter is synced. 
  • Make sure that iManage Drive is running and you're connected to the same iManage Work account from which you want to sync the matters, documents, emails, or folders. If iManage Drive isn't running, the following error is displayed. The error displayed in the figure varies based on the browser you are using to access iManage Work. 
    Figure: Error displayed when iManage Drive isn't running

  • If iManage Drive is running but you're connected to a different account in iManage Drive and trying to sync from a different iManage Work account, the following error message is displayed: 
    Figure: Error displayed when syncing from different iManage Work accounts

  • You can sync multiple workspaces from iManage Work. However, you can sync only a single document, folder, or email at a time. 
  • When you select a folder shortcut, the option to sync to iManage Drive isn't displayed. 
  • You can't sync folder shortcuts, document shortcuts, and special folders such as Shared folders or search folders. Shared folders, or search folders. The Sync & Open in File Explorer option isn't displayed. 
  • When syncing a document, all the documents in the folder are automatically synced to your Windows Explorer. 
  • After a sync, although Windows Explorer does open, it may remain minimized. Should this occur, you'll have to open Windows Explorer from the taskbar manually. 
  • If you try to sync a matter or folder, or document, or email that is already synced to iManage Drive by selecting Sync & Open in File Explorer, it's automatically displayed in Windows Explorer.