New features are continuously being added to iManage Drive. See what enhancements and feature changes are available in each update.


Search available in Portuguese-Brazil

You can now search for a document or documents stored in a synced workspace from within the iManage Drive application in Portuguese-Brazil. You can select the Search icon in iManage Drive to open the Search window within the application and then select the Global icon and select Portuguese (Brazil) from the drop-down.

You can search for documents using a keyword or title using the search dropdown. You can also search for documents using Author/Operator by typing @ and then selecting the relevant user or by typing # and the document number. The search results are displayed within the application. The search results can be filtered by File Type and/or Author/Operator.

Support for Canadian French language

You can now set Canadian French as the language for the iManage Drive user interface by selecting Canadian French in the Language drop-down in the Preferences tab. For more information about how to change the application language, refer to Changing the application language.

Enhancements to bulk import of files and folders

You can now copy, move, or drop folders or files from your native location to iManage Drive in bulk. When copying, moving, or dropping files and folders in bulk, iManage Drive does the following:

  • Copies files and folders from user’s native location to iManage Drive. Microsoft Windows displays a prompt for the copy action and closes the prompt when the copy is completed.

  • Syncs the copied files and folders to iManage Work. You can view the sync status in the bottom of the Notifications tab in iManage Drive panel.

For more information about how to import folders and files in bulk, refer to Importing folders in bulk.

Additionally, your administrator can manage the number of files or folders to be imported in bulk. For more information, contact your administrator.

Improvements when working with long file paths

A new button Show Long Paths is now available in the iManage Show sync issues window. When you browse through Settings > Show sync issues, you can see the Show Long Paths button as shown in the following figure:

When you select the Show Long Paths button, iManage Drive displays all the long file paths of documents that aren’t synced to iManage Drive as shown in the following figure.

The Show Long Paths button is only displayed if administrators have disabled long file paths. For more information, contact your administrator.


Sync and open content directly from iManage Work to iManage Drive

You can now sync and open content you have saved in iManage Work directly to iManage Drive. You can:

  • select the workspace, folder, document, or email you want to sync, and then select Sync & Open in File Explorer in the  kebab menu.

  • select multiple workspaces and then select   (Sync & Open in File Explorer).

If iManage Drive detects that the selected item hasn’t been synced, then the iManage Drive panel opens and prompts you to confirm the syncing of the selected items. Once the items are synced, Windows Explorer opens and you can view the synced items with them highlighted. For more information, refer to Syncing from iManage Work using web extensions section.


Your administrator must turn on the iManage Drive Web Extensions in iManage Control Center for you to use this feature. Contact your administrator for more information.

Improvements when syncing and unsyncing matters from iManage Drive panel

When you select new matters to sync in the Select Matter to sync dialog box, they’re listed at the top of the Selected list with the New label. If you choose to unsync a matter, the To unsync label is displayed as shown in the below figure.

Additionally, we have changed the workspace menu option from Unlink to Unsync. Hence, from now, when you unsync matters from iManage Drive panel from Synced Matters, My Matters, or Recent Matters, you have to select Unsync instead of Unlink as shown in the following figure.

Improved UI when viewing sync issues

We’ve enhanced our Show sync issues dialog box in iManage Drive 10.9.0. Any items detected as having a sync conflict are now pre-selected in the sync dialog box. Also, the available options to resolve ‌sync issues are now prominently displayed at the bottom of the dialog box. Additional wording has also been added to help you ‌take the most appropriate action. For more information about managing sync issues, refer to the Managing file sync issues section.


Search now available in iManage Drive

You can now search for a document or documents stored within a synced workspace from iManage Drive. Select  (search icon) in iManage Drive to open the Search window within the application and search for documents by either using a keyword, document title, author/operator preceded by the @ symbol, or document number preceded by the # symbol. For more information about this feature, refer to the Searching for documents in iManage Drive section. 


Access user help from iManage Drive

You can now access iManage Drive user help available at from iManage Drive. Select  and then select Help to access the latest help files available at

Enable Preview option added to iManage Drive

You can now preview documents in Windows Explorer by using the Enable Preview option. To preview documents, select Preview pane in View tab, right-click any document in your iManage Drive directory, and then select Enable Preview.

Allow or deny access to iManage Drive

Your administrator can now determine which applications can access and open the files in iManage Drive. This feature enables administrators to deny certain applications from accessing your content in iManage Drive. Administrators can also take a more conservative approach, if required and only grant select applications the rights to access your iManage Drive content. For more information about this feature, consult your administrator.

iManage Drive available in Windows Explorer's sidebar

You can now access iManage Drive in your Microsoft Windows Explorer sidebar as shown in the following image. By default, this option is disabled and you can continue to access iManage Work content in M:/. However, if you want to see and access iManage Drive from Windows sidebar, contact your administrator.


Prompt for confirming file and folder changes

iManage Drive now prompts you before bulk actions, for example—bulk deletes are synced to the server. The application prompts you to confirm file and folder changes such as, delete, create, update, and rename before syncing them to iManage Work.

Your administrator can configure the number of changes or deletions that need to occur for the application to display the sync confirmation dialog box; the default value is 10. You can change this by using the Preferences > Notifications tab. For more information, see the Confirming file and folder changes section.

Managing file sync issues

To ensure that the changes are not lost for files in your iManage Drive working directory that do not get synced to the server due to permission or other issues, the sync issues dialog box is displayed to enable you to:

  • copy the files to a desired location
  • ignore some or all files listed
  • right-click individual files, and select the desired action from the context menu displayed.

For more information, see the Managing file sync issues section.

UI messaging enhancements: Workspace and folder actions

When you perform a delete, copy, create, rename or move action that iManage Drive blocks, the application displays messages to communicate why the action was not allowed. This helps you to avoid repeating the prohibited action, change settings as applicable to enable the action, or request for the required permissions. Some scenarios where these messages appear are:

  • Copying a folder outside iManage Drive when the allow_folder_copy_outside_drive setting is disabled.
  • Trying to move a folder outside iManage Drive.
  • Renaming and deleting folders without the required level of permission to do so.
  • Copying and moving folders to other folders without the required level of permission for the parent folders.
  • Performing prohibited tasks such as trying to delete or move a folder when offline, moving folders across workspaces, and performing folder operations at the level where all workspaces are located, and in the My Matters and Recent Matters folders.
  • Trying to delete folders when folder deletion is not enabled in the application Preferences.


Access My Matters and Recent Matters folders from your mapped folder

  • iManage Drive lists your My Matters and Recent Matters folders in your mapped folder.
  • If you are an iManage FileShare user, migrating to iManage Drive is seamless without any change to your user behavior.

View workspace syncing progress in iManage Drive panel

Wondering when syncing would be done for the various workspaces that you selected? The iManage Drive panel displays constant updates about the sync progress, especially for matters with a large number of folders and documents that may take some time to get synced.

All the workspaces you have selected to sync are listed in the queue and will sync in the listed order.

Upload new file versions using right-click option

Right-click a file in your mapped folder and use the Upload new version option to select any file from your local folder or desktop to create a new version. The new file can have the same format as the current version or be in another format. For example, you work on the annual financial statement of your organization that is in Microsoft Word format and then upload the finalized version as a PDF using your mapped folder.

When iManage Drive syncs, this file is uploaded to iManage Work and replaces the previous version in the mapped folder.

NOTE: This option is unavailable for files declared as record or for checked out file, and not supported for emails.


Language support

Use iManage Drive in your native/preferred language! The application is now available in the same languages, which iManage Work supports, that is:

  • English (US)
  • French (France)
  • German (Germany)
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Chinese (China)
  • Japanese (Japan)

Support for custom captions

iManage Drive now supports custom captions in iManage Work to change the user interface (UI) labels in iManage Drive such as Matters, My Work, Documents, and so on. For example, if your iManage Work administrator chooses to name Matters as Workspaces; the same will reflect in iManage Drive UI. Since the labels are translated into language sets for each of the supported languages, they are displayed in the selected language when you use iManage Drive to sign in to iManage Work.

iManage Drive available for macOS

iManage Drive for Mac 10.4.1 General Availability (GA) release ensures that you can now access and update iManage Work content using your Mac. The application runs on macOS Catalina 10.15.6 or Big Sur and enables you to access iManage content quickly from your Finder window and the iManage Drive menulet in your Mac menu bar.

Right-click any content (matters, files, and folders) in your mapped drive that you want to share with other iManage Work users, select Copy link, and paste it in an email or any communication channel you use. When the receiver selects the link, the content opens in the iManage Work.


Select folders to sync

You can selectively sync only the folders that you need within a workspace and choose not to sync email and other rarely used folders to your mapped drive. This reduces the amount of content synced locally and keeps the metadata in iManage Drive focused on what is relevant to you. Selective syncing also improves the sync performance. The I want to select which folders to sync option is enabled by default on the matter selection screen and folder selection screen lists all folders and subfolders for the selected workspaces. You can select the desired ones for syncing.

Beta installer for Mac

Install and test the iManage Drive for Mac installer before its general release using the beta version of the installer that is available now. Select workspaces from iManage Work, sync them to your Mac and work with the files in these workspaces using your Mac anytime and anywhere. If you are interested in participating in the Drive for Mac beta, contact your account executives.