The following table provides the difference between using Microsoft Office for the web and using Microsoft Office integration with desktop applications. 

Table: Comparing working with Microsoft Office for the web and Microsoft Office integration with desktop application


Microsoft Office for the web

Microsoft Office integration Desktop applications*

Microsoft licensing

Microsoft 365 license

Microsoft Office for desktop application

Microsoft Office platform

Microsoft Office for the web

Microsoft Office 2013 and later

File types supported

Microsoft Office xml file formats (for example, .docx, .xlsx, and so on)

DOCX, PPTX, and XLSX files

Microsoft Office desktop application required



Viewing and editing files

Open the file in a browser or browser tab for viewing and editing the file. 

Check out the file to viewing and editing the file.

Editing large files

There is a size limit described. You can edit only those files whose file limit is less than the limit defined by Microsoft.

For information about the file size limitations, visit:

There is no size limit described. 

Checking out files

Open the file in your browser to check out the file. 

Use the check out option to check out the file.

Checking in files

Close the browser instance to automatically free the files for others to use. 

Manually save and close the file to free up the file for others to use. 

File save process

Files are automatically saved.

Files must be manually saved.

Microsoft OneDrive requirement for co-authoring



Initiating co-authored sessions

No initiation is required. If you have read/write access, sign in and start editing. 

A formal invite has to be sent for others to co-author.

Completing the co-authoring session 

Co-authoring session is completed when all users close the browser instances they are using to make edits and edits are automatically saved. 

Users must manually finish the co-authoring session. 

*Desktop applications include iManage Work Desktop for Windows, iManage DeskSite using REST, iManage FileSite using REST, and iManage Work Desktop for Mac.