When the iManage Work add-in is installed for users in your organization, it's visible even when Mac users access their mailbox using Outlook for Windows (on a Windows machine). However, an error message appears when they try using the add-in from a Windows machine. As an administrator, refer to the following table to determine the most suitable deployment option to minimize such scenarios. 

Table: Various options for deploying the add-in

Default add-in for Mac users (Recommended)

Optional add-in for Mac users (Recommended)

Create a group of Mac users

Add-in available to all users

  • Identify Mac users using the Mobile Device Management (MDM) system your organization uses, such as, Microsoft Intune/JAMF and push the add-in as a default add-in to these users.
  • The add-in automatically appears on any device these users work on (Mac and Windows).
  • Low impact as very few users work on both Mac and Windows simultaneously.
  • Identify Mac users using the Mobile Device Management (MDM) system your organization uses, such as, Microsoft Intune/JAMF and make the add-in available as an optional add-in.
  • Users must manually install the add-in using the See more items   > Get Add-ins option.
  • If the user has both Mac and Windows, the add-in will appear on both machines.
  • Create a group and manually add users requesting Mac add-ins. This may cause delays in getting the add-in to users.
  • Users need to ask for the add-in when they want it and then you have to add them to the group. 
  • Users may not be aware of the iManage Work add-in; inform them ad-hoc that the add-in will appear in both Mac and Windows (in case they use both) to control the impact of having a non-functional add-in in Windows.
  • Make the add-in available to all users.
  • All users (Mac and Windows) will see the add-in.
  • Windows users will get an error message when they access the add-in.