• The add-in requires the following applications:
    • Microsoft Outlook for Mac (Office 365 Subscription) version 16.78.2 or later
    • Exchange Server - Exchange Online
  • It cannot be deployed for an on-premise or a hybrid Microsoft Exchange Server.

As an administrator, you can configure the iManage Work add-in for Microsoft Outlook using your Microsoft Office admin account so that it is available to a few selected users or all users in your organization. 

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft Office 365 admin center using your credentials.
  2. Select Home.
  3. From the left navigation bar, select Settings > Integrated apps.
    Figure: Integrated apps option
  4. On the toolbar, select Upload custom apps. The Deploy New App wizard appears.
  5. Select the Upload manifest file (.xml) from device option.

  6. Select Choose file, upload the WorkforMac_EMM.xml file, and select Next.


    • The manifest file is bundled into the iManage Work Desktop for Mac package and if you install it on your Mac, the file is available in the ~/Library/Application Support/iManage/Add-in Configuration folder.
    • If upgrading from 10.4.0 or later, ensure that you get the latest manifest file from iManage Work Desktop for Mac.pkg and upload it again using Microsoft Office 365 admin center.

    Figure: Manifest file uploaded

  7. Depending on who you want to deploy the add-in for, select one of the following options and select Next:

    • Just me
    • Entire organization
      Figure: Option to deploy for the entire organization

    • Specific users/groups
  8. Select Accept permissions and sign in using your Microsoft Office 365 admin account.
  9. Select Accept in the Microsoft permissions dialog box to give permissions for accessing you mailbox.

    Figure: Permissions to access mailbox

  10. Select Next and then select Finish Deployment.

    Figure: Permissions granted

  11. On the Deployment complete screen, select Done. The iManage Work add-in is listed under Integrated Apps.

    Figure: Add-in deployed

Due to Microsoft Outlook expected behavior, it may take up to 12 to 24 hours after deployment for the add-in to be displayed in users' Outlook toolbar. Users must wait for this duration and then restart Outlook to view and start using the panel.

Figure: Duration required for add-in to be displayed