In Microsoft Outlook, instead of selecting  > iManage Work every time you want to access email management options, you can add the iManage Work option to the toolbar:

  • Outlook toolbar: When the option is added to the Outlook toolbar, it is also displayed in the toolbar for existing emails in your Microsoft Outlook.
  • Draft message toolbar: When the option is added to the toolbar for one of the following, it appears for all the other draft messages:
    • New Message
    • Reply
    • Reply All
    • Forward
    • Forward As Attachment
  • New event toolbar

To add the iManage Work option to the toolbar, perform the following steps:

  1. Select See more items  > Customise Toolbar.
  2. From Email Options, drop iManage Work to the required position on the toolbar. In the following example, the option is added at the end of the toolbar. 

    Figure: Add iManage Work to toolbar

  3. Select Done. The toolbar displays the iManage Work option at the location where you dropped it.