When you connect to the iManage Work Server for the first time, the configuration files are automatically downloaded from the iManage Work database to the %AppData%\iManage\Work\Configs folder. There are a few rules that determine when and where to download the iManage Work Desktop for Windows configuration files.

If changes are made to the configuration files, they are downloaded to the client only after 15 minutes from the time set in these registry settings.

To get the latest configuration files, you must reconnect to the server, else the configuration files will not be downloaded even if 30 minutes have passed since the last download. In addition, if the configuration files are deleted, they are deleted from the client after 30 minutes from the time set in the registry settings.

Another important point to note is that for a particular machine, the configuration files are downloaded from a server designated as the home server. The home server is established as the first server to which a user connects. The hostname of the home server and the last connection date/time is stored in the following file:


If users do not connect to their home server for seven days or clear the value for <homeServerName> config in the home-server.xml file, the next server they connect to is designated as their home server.