These filters are available in iManage Work dialog boxes that open while performing various tasks using the iManage Work Desktop for Mac application, and the list of available filters can be customized by your administrator. For filters in iManage Work, refer to refer to iManage Work 10 Web Help available at

Use filters to sort search results or sort the contents of iManage Work containers. The following filters are available depending on the search criteria or container:

  • Activities
  • Databases
  • Date
  • File Type
  • Author/Operator
  • Customer ID
  • Account ID
  • Types
  • Emails
  • Client
  • Matter
  • Attachment
  • Sender
  • Client

Applying Filters

  1. Select the filter  icon. The filters pane opens.
  2. Select the name of the filter that you want to apply to view the list of filtering options. The default filtering option appears in blue and has a blue tick mark before its name. For example: .
  3. Select a filtering option from the list. The selected option appears in blue and has a blue tick mark before its name.


    Some filters may allow you to select more than one option. For example, the Database filter lets you select both Active and Archive.

  4. Select Done. The filtered results are displayed. A number icon appears indicating the number of filters for which the default options are changed. For example, if you change the default options for three filters, the  icon is displayed.

Changing Filtering Options

  1. Select the filter  icon to open the filters pane. Alternatively, select the number icon next to the filter icon.
  2. Select the default or others option(s). If you change the filters back to their default options, the number icon disappears or changes its value. For example, if you if set two out of the three filters back to their default value, the icon displays 
  3. Select Done.

Additional Filter Options

When searching for files or emails, in the Client and Author/Operator Top 5 Filters, you can type in and select an additional author or client value not provided in the Top 5.