1. Open Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.
  2. Compose the email in which you want to insert an attachment from iManage Work. 
    Alternatively, skip to Step 3 and once you complete the below steps, a new email window will appear with the iManage attachment.

  3. On the Services menu for the application, select Insert Attachment. The Select dialog box appears.


    • The iManage Work options on the Services menu work only if you use the classic Outlook view; the options don’t function in new Outlook.
    • In Microsoft Outlook, the Insert Attachment option is available only for the email compose window. Ensure that the email compose window is open and active when you try to insert attachments from iManage Work.
  4. Locate the desired iManage Work document and select it.
  5. Select Attach File. The document is attached to the email. Alternatively, select the Attach File  drop-down button and select Attach Link or Attach File and Link.