• For macOS Ventura and macOS Sonoma, a system-generated message is displayed asking you to give the application access to resources on your Mac when you try accessing the options on the Services menu in integrated email applications. For more information, refer to the Security configuration section in iManage Work Desktop for Mac Installation Guide.
  • You can configure the file naming format for the attachments inserted to emails from iManage Work and the files and links emailed from iManage Work using the Attachment Filename Format option. For more information, refer to the Customizing application settings and Appendix A - Attributes for customizing attachment file name sections in iManage Work Desktop for Mac Installation Guide.
  • Perform email management tasks from the iManage Work panel in Microsoft Outlook. This panel is available only in the new Outlook. If you use the classic Outlook view, you can use the Services menu (unavailable for New Outlook) for email management tasks.

  • If you select the Reply, Reply All, or Forward option for emails filed from Windows machines that are in MSG format, the iManage Work email dialog box appears instead of a window in the configured email client (Apple Mail or Outlook for Mac). These email clients support only EML files; MSG is the Windows propriety format for Outlook for Windows. For more information, refer to Forwarding and replying to emails from iManage Work.