The Manage folder option in the iManage Work panel enables you to file entire user-created folders in your Microsoft Outlook mailbox by linking, copying, or moving the folders to iManage Work. 


  • The Manage folder option is unavailable for default Microsoft Outlook folders as the link, copy, and move features are not supported for these folders.
  • At least one email must be present and selected in a folder for the iManage Work panel to be enabled for using the link, copy, or move features.
  • Though the iManage Work panel is pinned, it automatically opens while switching folders only if an email is selected in the current folder. Emails selected in folders during the current Outlook session are also considered selected.
  • Select View Filing Jobs in the lower-left corner of the iManage Work panel to view the filing status of an email filed individually or the emails that are queued up for filing as part of folder link, copy, or move tasks. 
  • Since filing is done in the back end, you must select Sync in the Microsoft Outlook toolbar to manually refresh your mailbox and ensure that the filing label is displayed for emails.
  • If you select the Delete option in the iManage dialog box while linking or copying folders, all emails are removed from the selected Outlook folder after filing. They appear in the Deleted Items folder with the  filing label.