Instead of selecting and filing individual emails, you have the option of bulk filing emails to iManage Work by copying or moving folders.

Figure: Copy and move options for folders

  1. In the iManage Work panel in Microsoft Outlook, select Manage folders and select Copy folder.
    Alternatively, to remove a folder and all its contents from Outlook after it's filed to iManage Work, select Move folder


    The Manage folders option and hence the Copy folder and Move folder buttons are unavailable for linked Microsoft Outlook folders.


  2. In the iManage Work location picker dialog box that appears, navigate to and select the folder to which you want to copy or move the emails in the Outlook folder.
  3. (Optional) Select Private.
  4. Choose Select.
    The emails start getting filed and display the filing label. The Copy folder button appears grayed out while the emails are being copied.
  5. (Optional) Select View Filing Jobs in the lower-left corner of the iManage Work panel to view the filing status of the emails in the folder. If you choose to move the folder, the emails are removed as they get filed and the folder becomes empty/is removed from Microsoft Outlook.

The copy and move actions affect all the emails in a folder as well as all its subfolders. To copy or move only one or a few subfolders, select each of them individually.