You can view the status of a filing job after filing emails, or after you perform a folder link, copy, or move action. If the File all emails in conversation option is set to true, filing status is displayed even when you file one email.

In the lower-left corner of the iManage Work panel in Microsoft Outlook (underneath the Manage Folder option), select View Filing JobsThe Filing Jobs screen displays the filing status of the email(s). The filing status is displayed only for the emails in the selected folder or the selected email. 

The following figure displays the progress of emails being moved to iManage Work in batches.

Figure: Filing status for folder move

Select  to refresh the view and display the latest filing status; if filing is done, a message appears. The same message is displayed if you view the status for an email that is already filed.

Figure: No filing jobs pending

Select the left arrow icon to return to the main screen of the iManage Work panel.