The mailbox synchronization feature automatically marks an email as filed not only for the person who filed it to iManage Work but also for all other iManage Work users who are involved with the mail, such as the sender and all recipients of the email. An email can be filed to iManage Work by the sender or by any of its recipients, and it's then considered for synchronization. By turning on this feature, you can avoid multiple filings by different users.

For emails filed by other users, the Filed to iManage label (refer to Filing status icons) appears in the mailboxes of the sender and recipients if they have access to the email in the filing location. This label indicates—to the sender and to all recipients—that the email is already filed to iManage Work.

For more information about the emails that other users have filed, you can use the following options in the Filed to section of the iManage Work panel in Microsoft Outlook:

  • Show filing details: View details, such as the filing date, document number, and filing location.

  • Filing location link: Preview the email in iManage Work within a new tab that opens in your browser.

This feature is turned off by default, and your administrator needs to turn it on. For more information, refer to the Configuring mailbox synchronization section in iManage Work Desktop for Mac Installation Guide 10.7.1.


  • Mailbox sync is available only for iManage Work users included in To, From, Cc, and Bcc fields of the filed email.

  • The feature is supported for iManage Work at and is unavailable for iManage Work at and on-premises servers.

  • The filing label after automatic syncing appears only to users with Read only, Read/Write, and Full access to the filing folder.

  • Mailbox sync is available only for public folders. It's not supported when filing emails to private folders.

  • If multiple mailboxes are configured for the same Microsoft Outlook client, mailbox sync will be active only for the Microsoft Outlook account, which currently is signed in to the iManage Work add-in. Mailbox sync remains paused for the other Outlook accounts.

Filing status icons

The following table collects icons, labels, and other small graphical indicators that are mentioned on this page.

Table: Filing status icons



Filed to iManage label, for identifying emails that are filed to iManage Work.