You can open files in their native application on your Mac from iManage Work, and then update and save the changes.  

  1. Select the iManage Agent  menulet on the Mac menu bar and then select Open Document. The Open Document dialog box appears with the Recent Documents tab selected by default.
    1. Open an integrated application.
    2. Select the application name from the Mac menu bar. The menu options are displayed.
    3. Point to Services and select Open. For example, if you open the Pages application and select Services, the Open option is displayed. For Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, select File > Open.
      The Open <file type> dialog box is displayed with the Recent Documents tab selected by default.


      The iManage Work options on the Services menu work only if you use the classic Outlook view; the options don’t function in new Outlook.

  2. Select a file and then select Open. Alternatively, double-click the file.
    The file opens in its native application and is downloaded to the Documents > iManage folder that you can access using the Finder window.
  3. (Optional) Use the Checked Out DocumentsRecent FoldersRecent MattersRecent Clients, or My Favorites tabs in the left pane of the Open Document dialog box and navigate to the folder that contains the desired file.

Alternatively, you can sign in to iManage Work and check out files. For more information, refer to Checking out and checking in files from iManage Work.