Searching in a chat or channel

With the iManage Bot, you can search for documents within a chat or channel in iManage Work for Microsoft Teams app.

  1. Browse to your preferred chat or channel.

  2. Type @iManage inside the conversation box to invoke the iManage bot.

  3. A Suggestions pop-up appears. Select iManage.

  4. A What can I do? list appears with the following options:

    • Find Documents: Select this option if you are well-versed with the search syntax for document search.

    • View Search Syntax: Select this option to view the list of supported search syntax for document search.

  5. Enter the required search syntax, followed by the corresponding metadata to find the document. The search results show the top ten documents that match the search criteria.

  6. Select the document you wish to share. The document appears as an adaptive card with the Copy (images/download/thumbnails/116164217/Screenshot_2021-04-15_at_12.38.12_PM.png ) option.

  7. Select images/download/thumbnails/116164217/Screenshot_2021-04-15_at_12.38.12_PM.png and then paste the document link in the desired chat to share it with other users.

Figure: Invoking the iManage bot for document search


The following table explains on how to use the search syntax:

Table: Search syntax and their operation


Search syntax




Document number search

  1. Type #<document number>
    Type number <document number>

  2. Select Enter.

Input: #23

Output: Document number 23 is displayed in the search result.


Document title search

  1. Type title <document title>

  2. Select Enter.

Input: title Contract document

Output: Documents with the title Contract document are displayed in the search result.


Document keyword search

  1. Type keyword <search term>

  2. Select Enter.
    A list of documents containing the keyword is displayed.

Input: keyword litigation

Output: All documents containing the term litigation are displayed in the search result.


Document author search

  1. Type @<author name>
    Type author <author name>

  2. Select Enter.
    A list of documents of the author is displayed.

Input: @andrew

Output: All documents created by the user, Andrew are displayed in the search results.

For information on configuring search type, setting the preferred database and more, see Additional search information.