To add iManage Work for Microsoft Teams tab to a channel:

  1. Select the preferred channel and then select + next to an existing tab in the channel. The Add a tab dialog box appears. 
  2. Search for iManage using the search box at the top-right of the dialog box. Select the iManage app. A dialog box appears, prompting you to sign in to iManage Work.
  3. Select Sign in to iManage, a sign-in dialog box appears.

    Figure: Signing in to iManage

  4. After you sign in, a dialog box appears, allowing you to select either a tab (set as default in your iManage Work client) or an existing workspace to be set as the starting location in your iManage tab within the Team channel. If you select to set an existing workspace, you can select a workspace from the list of Recent Workspaces shown in the drop-down list without typing anything in the text box or search for a workspace by typing the workspace name in the text box and then select one from the search results.


    Partial term searches are not supported for workspace names. For example, when searching for a workspace titled Microsoft1, typing Microsoft does not provide the desired workspace in the search results.

    Figure: Selecting a tab or existing workspace from iManage Work