iManage Work allows you to update the security of a single or multiple items (documents and emails) in a single action in: 

  • Document/email Folders

  • Document/email Search Results

  • Recent Documents/Recent Emails

After selecting a single or multiple items, you can:

  • Add single or multiple users or groups, and define their access level to the selected items.
  • Update access level of existing users or groups who already have access to the selected items, to another level of access.
  • Update the default security.
  • Update security of documents referenced in multiple folders.
  • Update security of all versions of the document, to which you have Full Access.


  • Security updates performed as part of Edit user/group permissions action are only made to documents where your effective access is Full Access.
  • You can add a comment while performing any of the Edit user/group permissions action which you intend to be visible on the item's timeline.